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Texas Railroad Mobile - IN STYLE

Texas Railroad Mobile at its Finest

Hello All

After much consideration and a lot of persuasion from an old friend,
Richard Lenior - KI5DX, I have decided to again manufacture the

GLA   "Texas BugCatcher"

While I did enjoy my time away, I found I really missed talking with
the many ham friends I had made over the last 30 years.

Everything is the same as before, same top quality materials
and workmanship and everything still hand made in our shop.

It is still my desire to provide the BEST mobile antenna
performance dollar for dollar money can buy!
As always I will be available for Texas BugCatcher Antenna support.

The only thing different is that I will not be directly selling the
Texas BugCatcher.   My good friend Richard Lenior, KI5DX
at Main Trading Company will handle all marketing.

Main Trading Company (MTC) has been in business in Paris, Texas,
for some two years and is rapidly becoming a recognized name in Ham Radio.
MTC is an authorized dealer for Kenwood, MFJ, Jet Stream, Comet
and Alinco.   MTC is also the Top Wouxun dealer in the country.

You can contact Richard on the web at MTC -
by Email to:
by Phone: 903-737-0773
or go by and visit the store located at 139 Bonham Street in Paris, TX 75460

Thanks   &   73                                

Henry Allen
GLA Systems
2802 CR 2226
Caddo Mills, TX 75135

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